Marriage Proposal Ideas that Will Make Her Scream Yes!, Yes!, Yes!

Published: 24th September 2009
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It's one of the most important and scary time of their lives for most guys; the marriage proposal. Sure, you're excited to ask her to marry you, but at the same time there's that little bit of nagging doubt tucked away, maybe barely there, but you can feel it just the same in the back of your mind. Not to worry, there are some fantastic ways to propose that will all but guarantee that she says yes.

The romantic dinner proposal idea that has been used for centuries - This is a classy idea, and it's not for nothing that it is so popular, it is actually a classic. If you really want it to be completely successful, you'll have to do better, though. There are a few things you can add to any situation that will make it more romantic, which is what most women would really appreciate, and your marriage proposal is definitely one time where you want as much romance as you can get. Just about all women love romance, and this is surely the time to give it to them.

Some great things to include with your dinner are a gorgeous sunset, an expansive ocean view, a crackling fire, and shining stars overhead.

The top of the mountain idea - Proposing to your girlfriend out in the vastness of a major mountain range is a great idea if she's into the outdoors and outdoor activity. Go to one of the major ski areas, preferably in the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra's, Alps, or one of the other ski areas with real mountains, as opposed to the hills in some areas. Most ski areas give you have an unmatched view, with the mountain peaks stretching out before you. Drop to one knee, right there in the snow and propose to her, with the glamor of the mountains behind you.

On the train idea - Many paces have scenic dinner trains. These romantic conveyances transport you through spectacular scenery and serve a nice dinner. What a perfect spot to propose! If you're the planning type, you can arrange to have the service staff in on it, and have the ring delivered with one of the dinner courses.

The "Gang's All Here" idea - If she's really close with her family and doesn't embarrass easily, arrange to propose at a family gathering such as reunion or other family getaway. Be traditional and ask her father beforehand. If she's a true romantic, she'll really appreciate this gesture. When the family is close by, make an announcement, gather everyone around, and drop to one knee. Pull out the ring and slip it on her finger as you ask.

The writer's idea - Write her a special poem or a story. Have it end with one of the main characters (her) getting asked for her hand in marriage by the other main character (you). Obviously you have to have a modicum of writing skill for this approach to work.

The "Chocolates" idea - Life could really be a box of chocolates, Gump! Wrap the engagement ring in plastic to keep it safe, then place it back in the ring box. Dip the box in chocolate, then place the chocolate covered box in with a box of chocolates. Unless you go for a pretty unusual box of chocolates, which you may well do, the dipped ring box will be the biggest one in there. Typically, her curiosity will get the best of her, so she'll grab the big one first. As she opens it, be ready with your proposal. If she doesn't grab the ring box in the first few she chooses, you may have to reach over and do it for her at some point. She'll forgive you when she discovers why.

These are just some of the many proposal ideas. If you do some digging, and take the time to think about it, you'll find that perfect proposal that is worthy of your love for her. A recent survey found close to 80% of girls weren't satisfied with their guy's proposals. You want to be sure your girlfriend is one of the 20%, right?

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